STC Strip Grip Customer Comments


“I run about 120 races per year and this is some of the best traction compound I have ever used. I haven’t had anything hook up and stay with me for as long, and perform as good in years! You guys are definately on to something good! Racers who did not know that i was trying a new compound, came up to me and asked how I had improved the dragstrip.”
                   Steve Earwood of Rockingham Dragway, NC

"Using STC Strip Grip, set a new radial tire world record of 7:53 at 191 M.P.H. !! and Jason Lynch in his 10/5 Outlaw ran a 6:78 @ 218 M.P.H, shattering the world record by 8 M.P.H.!!
                   Bradenton Motorsports Park, Fla.

I have been using Strip Grip now for two years and I swear by it. In March we had our Lucas Oil divisional at SIR Dragway in Tucson, AZ with a car count of 510 competing. I had no worries about the track surface until we started one morning with track temp at 34 degrees. But as the first pair pulled into the water box to do the burnout, I remembered i was using Strip Grip and not VHT. As the two Super Stocks pulled in to the Stage and the lights came down, they launched wheels in the air well past 60' and no wheel spin. There was no problem with traction. I have seen Strip Grip work as cold as 33 degrees and as hot as 158 degrees with no loss of traction.
Strip Grip does work in cold weather, as well as in hot weather if applied the right way for your track surface & conditions.
During our divisional elimination rounds Saturday night, Doug Gordon, Top Alcohol Funny Car driver got out of the groove over by the center line, without lifting he drove the funny car back to the groove and almost caught his opponent running a 5.912 @ 249.63. His opponent ran a 5.790 @ 248.25, the track temp at this point was 54 degrees @ 8 pm.
The finals were run around 10PM when the track temp was falling. The track temp was floating around 48 to 50 degrees in and out of the groove. The finals went as following

     Top Alcohol Funny Car
     Ruckman ran a 5.702 @ 254.44 def, Anderson, 5.712 @ 246.66
     Top Alcohol Dragster
     Whiteley ran a 5.311 @ 268.65 def, Perkins, 5.477 @ 258.42

These are just a few of the amazing stories that happened during the race. There were several records that fell with record runs over the two day weekend in many of the classes that were run.
Strip Grip has been proven to work in cold weather as well as hot weather.
                   George Camp March 26, 2008
                   Track Surface Supervisor
                   SIR Dragway - Tucson, AZ

To STC Strip Grip,
I would like to start of by saying thank you for your help and support with your new Strip Grip traction compound. Your product support is excellent and greatly appreciated. We have found Strip Grip to be as good or even better then its competition. With rising costs it’s nice to find a product that is less expensive.
When we started using Strip Grip the racers noticed the change. The glue works great with street tire and slick type vehicles. It also works very well in both hot and cold temperatures. Raceway Park will continue to use and support Strip Grip.
                   Raceway Park Management Sept. 28 2010
                   Township Raceway Park, Inc.
                   Englishtown, NJ

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