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Steve Earwood of Rockingham Dragway, NC says:
     “I run about 120 races per year and this is some of the best traction compound I have ever used.  »» more » »

From Bradenton Motorsports Park, FL:
"Using STC Strip Grip, set a new radial tire world record of 7:53 at 191 M.P.H. !! and Jason »» more » »

From SIR Dragway - Tucson, AZ:
      "I have been using Strip Grip now for two years and I swear by it. »» more » »

From Township Raceway Park, NJ:
"I would like to start of by saying thank you for your help and support with your new Strip Grip traction compound. »» more » »

From: Locomotion:
"My Story:See My Video »» more » »

After extensive testing, research, and development, Bearden Oil Co., Inc. proudly introduces STC2. We have reformulated our STC Strip Grip to better provide the two most important characteristics of a good traction compound. Simply put, the creation of a groove and good traction. These characteristics are directly related to certain properties. The first is adhesion or stickiness. The second is cohesion or the ability to resist sheer; it's what helps the STC2 stick to the track.

The tire has to have a proper surface to grab, the stickiness of STC2 alone is not sufficient. So, STC2 grabs the minute particles of rubber and melds them or helps them adhere to the track surface. The STC2 softens the rubber and holds it to the track. So, it's not solely the stickiness of STC2 that provides the traction but its ability to allow the rubber from the tires to blend with the track, creating a "groove”. However, be careful, one of the most common problems in track prep is overspraying. When the STC2 is piled up, it becomes elastic, and the tires can't grip because the track tends to rip up or move around. It’s a common mistake to think that more compound equals better traction. It’s better to drag the track and apply light coats of STC2 until the proper traction is achieved vs. spraying excessive compound because a driver is complaining his car won’t hook up. It’s also easier to apply more compound than it is to remove excess, and layering on too much will cause the track to become loose or greasy.

Remember, traction is just as important down track to preclude the higher horsepower cars from moving around or spinning the tires in that area, so, spray consistently and everything should be fine.

After a good racing surface is achieved, you’ll know how much compound to apply before each race. To achieve a consistent track, it must be scraped, cleaned and sprayed before each race. Consistency is the most important factor in drag racing. STC2 Strip Grip is made to exact specifications each and every time. Every drum you receive will contain exactly the same premium product every time.