Frequently Asked Question about STC Strip Grip

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Steve Earwood of Rockingham Dragway, NC says:
     “I run about 120 races per year and this is some of the best traction compound I have ever used.  »» more » »

From Bradenton Motorsports Park, FL:
"Using STC Strip Grip, set a new radial tire world record of 7:53 at 191 M.P.H. !! and Jason »» more » »

From SIR Dragway - Tucson, AZ:
      "I have been using Strip Grip now for two years and I swear by it. »» more » »

From Township Raceway Park, NJ:
"I would like to start of by saying thank you for your help and support with your new Strip Grip traction compound. »» more » »

From: Locomotion:
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Previous To Race: Make sure the area to be coated is clean and dry. Apply with an agricultural or industrial type bug sprayer with # 6-# 8 nozzles about 12-14” from track surface. The track should be prepared well in advance, approximately 24 hours before the first race, never apply the Strip Grip full-strength. Less time is needed depending on the mixture percentage. Apply in three (3) thin even coats, allowing 6 hours between spraying (layers). To help set the compound use a light spray of water four (4) to six (6) hours before the first race. Operate spray/tow vehicle between 8 and 15 mph –depending on mixture percentage and temperature

During Race: Oil Spills Or Broken Engines - Cover spots with rice ash, brush in good, making sure all the oil is absorbed or CLEAN UP with Methanol or alcohol. After cleaning up sweep, respray the area with Strip Grip(50/50 mixture), allowing five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes for the compound to activate. *Never use oil dry as it will stick to the traction compound making a slick spot.

How Much Strip Grip Do You Use For The Initial Spraying Of The Track?

Two drums of Strip Grip Traction Compound in preparation for a national event is recommended. For a facility that is raced on often or recently, you may reduce that amount somewhat.

Do You Spray It Straight Out Of The Drum For The First Coating?

Only for top fuel/ funny cars.

How Long Do You allow For The Track To Dry?

When applying straight, allow 24 hours to dry. When cutting back to 50 / 50 you can run immediately.

What Is The Mixture With Methanol After The Initial Spraying?

Most tracks cut the traction compound back 50% with methanol to get a 50/50 mix.

Besides Touching Up The Track After An Oil Spill, Do You Ever Freshen It Up?

Yes, freshen up the track with a 50/50 mixture. How frequently depends on the performance of the cars. Keep it to a light mist. For touch ups, you need to pay special attention to areas outside the groove. Try and keep them as tacky as possible so the cars that get out of shape are able to drive back into the groove. Too many tracks concentrate strictly on the center of the lane which can create a problem of uneven traction.

How Does The Temperature Affect Drying Time After The Track Is Sprayed?

Strip Grip dries more quickly in warm weather but you should not have a problem with cooler days(under 65 degrees) if you allow adequate drying time.

Does The Temperature Affect Traction?

Cold weather (under 50 degrees F.) tends to create a glazed surface that can be quite unpredictable. Hot weather tends to soften the rubber and can aggravate tire shaking. Try not to use too much Strip Grip in hot weather as it will also soften the rubber. When we apply compound in very hot weather we use a light mist to avoid any saturation of the track surface.

How Does Rain Affect The Track?

Rain does not bother any asphalt portions of the track and it usually returns to form quickly after drying. Concrete is a different story. You may experience the problem of rubber separating from the concrete following substantial rain. Scrape off the loose areas as they appear and groom them with a tractor / tire drag.

Is Drying Strip Grip With A Jet Any Different Than Drying other alcohol based traction compounds?

No, you won't find any difference between them.

Can You Spray Strip Grip over other alcohol based traction compounds?

Yes, there is no problem in spraying one over the other.

How Would You Prepare A New Track For The First Race?

  1. Sweep then Wash surface completely with a low suds industrial detergent
  2. Do a high pressure rinse
  3. Allow track to dry completely
  4. Apply a coat of Strip Grip (50/50 MIXTURE)
  5. Drag rubber
  6. Re-spray a coat of Strip Grip
  7. Second rubber drag
  8. Final spray of Strip Grip
  9. Race